Con Rodrigo en Cuba

Travel with the music from Havana to old Spain. There in Havana, how could it be possible that those scores could take us to so many diverse parts of beautiful Spain and to nostalgic times with friendly people? The sounds of nature, birds and flowers.

Musicians (from L to R on front cover picture): Ana María Ruimonte, Huberal Herrera, Luis Manuel Molina, Galy Martín, Vicente Monterrey, Zorimé Vega Gª Caturla, Mayté Aboy y Alejandro Rodríguez.

Some of Cuba’s finest classical musicians accompany renowned Spanish-American Soprano Ana Maria Ruimonte on a journey through Havana with the songs Spain’s most noted composer of the 20th century, Joaquín Rodrigo.

Ana Maria traveled to Cuba three times in 2018 for recording sessions at the studios of Pablo Milanes in the Vedado neighborhood of Havana.  Having met Maestro Rodrigo in her youth at a concert in honor of the maestro’s 90th birthday, it was an honor to record this album of his songs, many less well-known than they should be. This project is thus both an act of homage memorializing the 20th anniversary of Maestro Rodrigo’s death and an act of love for the man whose music so well embodies the sounds and spirit of Spain, their shared culture and homeland.

This collection features the inestimable Huberal Herrera on piano, still a master at 88 years of age, in his second outing with Ana María following 2017’s Rosas para Lecuona (OWL17051 - also available here).  Guitarist, writer and music critic Luis Manuel Molina, well-known in Cuba, Spain and the United States for his interpretations of Rodrigo and others, beautifully performs several songs with Ana Maria and Galy Martin also appears on guitar. Zorime Vega García Caturla, principal flautist of the National Orchestra of Cuba and Alberto Rosas both contribute flute parts and Alejandro Rodriguez appears on ‘cello.  Mayte Aboy also appears on piano and Vicente Monterey on clarinet.

Joaquín Rodrigo -- Born in Sagunto (Valencia, Spain) 1901, died Madrid 1999. After losing his sight Joaquín Rodrigo found a vocation in music. He studied in Valencia and Paris. He engaged in numerous artistic activities, both creative and academic. His music honors the rich cultures of Spain: luminous, refined, optimistic, with a predominance of melody and original harmonies. Rodrigo has received innumerable honors and awards himself from many countries and institutions.

The Repertoire

All music by J. Rodrigo; lyrics as noted.

En Aranjuez con tu amor (A. García Sedura, lyrics; adapted by the interpreters)

Líricas Castellanas (Anonymous, lyrics)

  • San Juan y Pascua
  • Despedida y Soledad
  • Espera del Amado

Cuatro Madrigales amatorios (Transcription by Marco Socías; Anonymous, lyrics)

  • ¿Con qué la lavaré?
  • Vos me matásteis
  • ¿De dónde venís, amore?
  • De lo álamos venge, madre

Canción de grumete (Anonymous, lyrics)

Cántico de la esposa (San Juan de la Cruz, lyrics)

Pastoral (instrumental)

Canción del cucú (Victoria Kamhi, lyrics)

Pájaro del agua (Juan Ramón Jiménez, lyrics)

Verde, verderol Juan Ramón Jiménez, lyrics)

Aria antigua (instrumental)

Coplas del pastor enamorado (Lope de Vega)

Canciones Sefardíes (Anonymous lyrics)

  • Una pastora yo amí
  • Nani, Nani
  • Morena me llaman

El hijo fingido (Lope la Vega, lyrics)

  • Yo pagaré la posada
  • Vivo y es mucho deciros

The Musicians

Ana María Ruimonte, Huberal Herrera, Luis Manuel Molina, Galy Martín, Vicente Monterrey, Zorimé Vega Gª Caturla, Alberto Rosas, Mayté Aboy y Alejandro Rodríguez.

Liner Notes

With Rodrigo in Cuba features a selection of chamber music – mostly art songs – composed by Joaquín Rodrigo (1901-1999). Some of the   songs are styled as old madrigals about nature, birds and Spanish mystic poems. Also included are a set of Sephardic Songs and a vocal adaptation of his most famous Adagio from the Concierto de Aranjuez.

Ana María Ruimonte, soprano, collaborates with magnificent Cuban musicians Huberal Herrera and Mayté Aboy, piano; Zorimé Vega Gª Caturla and Alberto Rosas, flute; Luis Manuel Molina and Galy Martín, guitar; Vicente Monterrey, clarinet; and Alejandro Rodríguez, cello.

“Singing this music takes me to other spiritual worlds and love of nature, where I perceive human feelings of simplicity and goodness. This collection of pieces reflects the great sensitivity of the legendary 20th Century Spanish composer Joaquín Rodrigo, whom I once met.” — Ana María Ruimonte

“Joaquín Rodrigo revealed his personality as the expression of his soul in his repertoire for voice, one of his fundamental artistic modes, created with the invaluable contributions of his wife Victoria Kamhi.” — Cecilia Rodrigo

Ana María Ruimonte, Spanish-American singer studied at the Escuela Superior de Canto in Madrid, Spain. She met Joaquín Rodrigo on his 90 birthday during a concert in his honor at El Escorial in Spain. Her mission is to bring classical music to a broader audience in the US and Latin America.

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