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About OwlSong

Founded by Alan Lewine in 1982, Owlsong focuses on the promotion and production of the musical adventures of jazz bassist and composer Alan Lewine and The Spanish soprano Ana María Ruimonte (f/k/a Díaz), individually and in collaboration as Soprano Meets Bass and Sephardic Treasures, etc. Owlsong has released several recordings since the 1986 release of Alan Lewine Septet: Original Jazz. Over the last 30+ years, Owlsong has produced many albums, hundreds of events, performances and concerts throughout the world



Owlsong performs around the world and in the United States! We've recorded albums in North and South America, Spain, Israel, and the Caribbean!

Meet the Musicians

Owlsong is the love child of bassist Alan Lewine and Soprano Ana Maria Ruimonte (formerly known as Ana Maria Diaz).

Together they explore Jazz, classical, latin, flamenco, and the traditional sounds of Sefardi and Ladino heritage - the music of Jewish Spain.

Alan Lewine


Alan Lewine is a bassist and composer currently living in the Philadelphia region and the founder of Owlsong Productions.

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