Ana María Ruimonte

Ana María Ruimonte, “The Spanish Mezzo & Soprano”, sings the most beautiful songs and romanzas by the Cuban composer Ernesto Lecuona. She performed Roses For Lecuona in 2016 at The National Opera Center of Opera America in New York with the pianist Robert Wilson. At the invitation of the Ministery of Culture of Cuba, Ana María performed in Cubadisco 2016, with the prestigious pianist Huberal Herrera at the Teatro Auditorio of the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes of Havana, and by invitation and nomination for a Cubadisco award, returned to Havana and Santiago de Cuba to present the new CD.

Ana's Recent Albums

Ana Album 1

Con Rodrigo en Cuba

Ana María Ruimonte & Huberal Herrera

Travel with the music from Havana to old Spain. There in Havana, how could it be possible that those scores could take us to so many diverse parts of beautiful Spain and to nostalgic times with friendly people? The sounds of nature, birds and flowers.

Rosas para Lecuona

Ana Maria Ruimonte & Huberal Herrera

Passionate songs by Cuba's greatest composer, Ernesto Lecuona, performed by his leading interpreters in a 5 star reviewed collection and recipient of Akademia award for best Latin song and submitted for Cubadisco award and presented at Cubadisco.

Ana album 3

Alma y Vida de Mujer

Ana Maria Ruimonte

Songs, mostly in Spanish, but also French, Italian, German and English from the traditions of opera, zarzuela, American musical theater and contemporary Spanish art songs and arias revealing the many facets of The Soul and Life of a Woman.

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