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to create and perform great original music with roots in Hispanic, jazz and other cultures of the world

  • The Spanish singer Ana Maria Ruimonte and the Cuban pianist Huberal Herrera interweave a fine-sounding brocade in every one of the songs they perform showing a laudable chamber work, a fusion of souls and a profound delivery of the entire work full of the inspiration of this immortal Cuban". "I invite you to enjoy the magic of a sensitive artist with a vast knowledge of the infinite paths of Cuban music.

    Luis Manuel Molinamusicologist and critic
  • La cantante española Ana María Ruimonte y el pianista cubano Huberal Herrera entretejen un fino brocado sonoro en cada obra que interpretan trasluciendo un encomiable trabajo de cámara, una fusión de almas y una profunda entrega a la obra plena de inspiración de este cubano inmortal." "Les invito a que disfruten de la magia de una artista sensible y de un pianista vasto conocedor de los infinitos senderos de la música cubana.

    Luis Manuel Molinamusicologist and critic
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